Bio-data/CV of           

           Professor Monirul Hussain.


Permanent Address:                       Kamalabari Road,

                                                                   North Lakhimpur 787001, Assam, India.


Present Occupation and Official address:  Professor

                                                                       Department of Political Science


                                                                       Guwahati 7810014, Assam, India


Date of Birth: 3rd March 1952,               Nationality/Passport: Indian


Sex: Male


Father’s name: late Samsul Hussain Mother’s name: Late Anowara Begum


Wife’s name: Ms. Runima Rahman (Occupation: Professional Engineer).


Residence:                                               20-Gauhati University Campus

                                                                       Guwahati 781014, Assam, India.


Telephone:                                               91-0361-2570443 (W)

                                                                                      2674193 (Residence)


Fax:              91-0361-2700311 Attn. Prof. M. Hussain, Political Science.


Email ID:                                                        monirulhussain@hotmail.com



Educational Qualification:


Degree/Programme     Institution/University                     Subject/s                       Year



Post-doctorate        University of Oxford, Oxford        South Asian Studies          1999


Ph.D.                      JawaharlalNehruUniversity          Sociology/ Pol.Sc etc.       1990

                                       (CSSS/JNU) New Delhi


M.Phil                    JawaharlalNehruUniversity           Pol.Sc, Sociology/            1977

                                    (CPS/JNU) New Delhi                  interdisciplinary


M.A                         AligarhMuslimUniversity,            Sociology                          1974                                                     


B.A                         CottonCollege, Guwahati                English, Assamese,          1972        

                                                                                            Economics & Pol. Sc                             ________________________________________________________________________


Important Fellowships/ Honours awarded:


UGC/ JNU Junior Research Fellowship for M.Phil/ Ph.D         1974-1978
Commonwealth Fellowship for Post-doctoral studies in UK.        1999
South Asia Regional Fellowship (SSRC-New York)                       2004
BIISS-Ford Foundation Collective Research Project on Human
Security in South Asia: Discourse, Practice and Policy Proposition

(assigned to write one of the three reports on India. Project completed

and publicationawaited)                                                              2004-2006        


Visiting Assignments:


      1. Visiting Associate at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla   1995

      2. Guest Faculty at the I.I.T-Guwahati                                                1997-98

      3. Commonwealth Visiting Fellow at the Queen Elizabeth House,

          University of Oxford for a full year i.e. January- December             1999

     4.  Visiting Fellow at the OKD Institute of Social Change

and Development, Guwahati                                                              2004.

     5.  Visiting Professor/Fellow at the Centre for Study of Social Systems,

          School of Social Sciences, JawaharlalNehruUniversity (JNU)     2005                                                                                       


Current position:

Professor at the Department of Political Science, Gauhati University, Guwahati 781014, Assam, India since September 1998 ( and head/Chairman of the Department from 28th January 2001 to 27th January 2004)


Previous positions:

Reader from 25th October 1991 to 25th September 1998, Senior Lecturer from 1st January

1986 to 24th September 1991, Lecturer from 16th March 1978 to 31st December 1985 at the Department of Political Science, Gauhati University, Guwahati 781014, Assam, India)


Professional experience:

A.  Teaching 29 years plus at the M.A Level in English medium of instruction at G.U.

B.  Guiding/Supervising Doctoral Research: 17 years plus. Number of scholars   

      completed Ph. D 7 and number of scholars working on their doctoral theses 12.


                               IMPORTANT PUBLICATIONS


A. Books authored:


1.      The ASSAM MOVEMENT:Class, Ideology and Identity,

Manak Publications, Delhi 1993, reprint edition due in 2008


                        2. INTERROGATING DEVELOPMENT:

State, Displacement and Popular Resistance in

North East India, SAGE Publications Ltd, New Delhi, Los Angeles, Singapore and London, 2008.





Forthcoming: 3.   HUMAN SECURITY IN SOUTH ASIA:      

                               : India in Perspective,

                         (one of the nine volume series) University Press, Dhaka, 2008.


B. Report Prepared:   AStatus Report on Displacement in

                                      Assam and Manipur 2007

                           (*Pradip Phanjoubam Prepared the Manipur part of the report)    

                                     Calcutta Research Group, Kolkata 2007.     

C. Books edited:



Selected Essays on Postcolonial Situations

                             VolumeI.Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka

                             Manak Publications, Delhi 2002.



Selected Essays On Postcolonial Situations

Volume II, India.

Manak Publications, Delhi 2002

(both the volumes edited jointly with Dr. Lipi Ghosh of

Calcutta University)





Essays On Ethnicity, Conflict Resolution and Peace Process In North East India,

Regency Publications, New Delhi 2005.







Interaction Between Caste and Politics: A Review of Literature,
Indian Journal of Politics, volume XX, NO 3-4, 1986,


Tribal Movement of Autonomous State in Assam,
Economic and Political Weekly, vol. XXII, No 32, August 1987,


Muslims of the Indian State of Assam,
Journal: Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs, London, volume 8,

No 2, July 1987,


The Muslims of Assam: A Sociological Introduction,
Journal of North East India Council of Social Science Research,

Volume XI, No 2, October 1987,


High Caste To Non-caste Dominance: Changing Pattern of Leadership of the
Congress in Assam,

The Indian Journal of Political Science, volume XLIX, No 3, July-September 1988.


Caste Among Non-Hindu Indians: An Exploratory Study of Assamese Muslims,
The Eastern Anthropologist, volume 41, No 4, OCTOBER 1988.


Caste and Politics: A Sociological Analysis,
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Nepalis in Assam and the Asamiya National Question,
MAINSTREAM, Volume XXXVII, NO 29, April 15, 1989.


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The Nationality Question in North East India,
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Advanced Study, Shimla, 1995.


Ethnicity, Communalism and State: Barpeta Massacre
Economic and Political Weekly, volume XXXVII, No 20, May 20, 1995.


Roots of Ethnic Conflict ND Violence: Understanding Nationality and Ethnic
Porcess in India’s North East,

Indian Journal of Secularism, Volume 1, No 3, July 1997.


Terrorism in Postcolonial Assam,
The Eastern Anthropologist, volumw 52, No 1, January-March 1999


Indo-Bangladesh Cross Border Migration and Trade,
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(jointly with Ranabir Samaddar, Pula Bannerji and Sanjoy Hazarika)


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Food Security and the North East,
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Economic and Political Weekly, volume XLI, No 5, 4-10 February 2006.


Hajj Tragedy: Managing Avoidable Disasters,
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Tribal Movement For Autonomous State in Assam in B.C. Bhuyan Ed.
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State of the State: Clues From a Rape and Murder Case in Assam (jointly with
Anindita Dasgupta in Kunja Medhi ed. Status of Women and Social Change,

     Womens’ Studies Research Centre, Gauhati University, Guwahati 1996.


Fear of Being Killed, Violated and Displaced: An incomplete Dossier of Terrorism in Postcolonial Assam, in K.S. Agarwal ed. Dynamics of Identity and Intergroup Relations in North East India, Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla 1999.

6.  Big State- Small Nations: The Experience of Ethnic Nagas in Colonial and

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Thomas ed. Dimensions of Population Displacement in North East India,

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Society and the Brahmaputra Valley in V.P. Singh etc.edited.  The Brahmaputra Valley Water Resources, Kluwer Academic Publishers,       Dordrecht/Boston/ London, 2004.

Nationalities, Ethnic Processes and Violence in India’s North East in Ranabir
Samaddar ed. Peace Studies: An Introduction To The Concept, Scope and Themes, South Asian Peace Studies Volume 1, Sage Publications New Delhi/Thousand Oaks/ London 2004.


State, Identity and Displacement of Population in North east India in O.P.Misra
Ed. Forced Migration in South Asian Region: Displacement, Human Rights and Conflict Resolution, published by Refugee Studies Centre, Jadavpur University, in collaboration with Brookings Institution_ SAIS project On Internal Displacement, Washington D.C., Manak Publications, Delhi 2004.


Introduction/ Editorial in Monirul Hussain ed. Coming Out of Violence: Essays
On Ethnicity, Conflict Resolution and Peace Processes in North East India, published by Regency Publications, Delhi on behalf of the ICSSR, 2005.


Food Security and The North East: A Preliminary Explorations, in C.J. Thomas 
ed. Polity and Econommy: Agenda For Contemporary North East India,

Regency Publications, Delhi 2005.


Building Peace in Assam: Locating the Actors and Their Roles in Imdad Hussain
ed. The Guwahati Declaration and The Road To Peace in Assam, Akansha

Publishing House, New Delhi 2005.





IX World Congress of Sociology and Post World Congress of Sociology 1986.

Refugee: Tryst With Destiny organized by the Viswa Bharati University, Shantiniketan in collaboration with the UNHCR, 1994.

International Workshop On Ethnic Conflicts in South Asia, organized by the CSSS Mumbai and VAK, in Colombo. Sri Lanka 28-30 June 1996.

Refresher Course in South Asian Peace Studies, MAKA Institute of Asian Studies, Kolkata 1997 (acted as faculty),

Workshop On Sources of Conflict in South Asia: Ethnicity, Refugee and Environment, Regional Centre for Strategic Studies, Colombo at Hikkadoua in Sri Lanka 12-23 March 1998 (acted as faculty/resource person.)

All the Seminars/conferences/lectures organized by the Queen Elizabeth House, University of Oxford during the year 1999.

The Annual Conference of the British Association of South Asian Studies, held at London School of Economics, September 1999.

International Conference On Forced Migration in South Asia: Region, Displacement, Human Rights and Conflict Resolution organized by the Centre for Refugee Studies, Jadavpur University, Kolkata in collaboration with the UNHCR and Refugee Studies Centre, Oxford University 20-22 April 2000.

International Conference On The  International Perspectives on Ethnicity, Identity and the State in South Asia, organized by the Indo-American Centre for International Studies, Hydrabad in collaboration with the Detriot Council of World Affairs, UAS, 15-17 June 2000.

 Second Dialogue On Interaction with the Bordering Indian States, Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies, Dhaka and the MAKA Institute of Asain Studies, Kolkata, 16-17 August 2000.

International Workshop On UN Guiding Principles On Internal Displacement organized by the Centre for Refugee Studies, Jadavpur University, Kolkata in collaboration with the Norwegian Refugee Council, 28-30 November 2001.

International Conference On Governance and Electoral Processes in South Asia, organized by the International Centre for Ethnic Studies, Kandy, Sri Lanka, 21-23 June 2002.

International Seminar on Democracy Assessment and Indicators: The South Asian Context, organized by the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies, Dhaka University, and sponsored by the International Institute of Democracy and Election Activities (IDEA), Stockhom 18-19 November 2002.

Ford Foundation sponsored Workshop On Human Security in South Asia, organized by the Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies, Dhaka  1-2 November 2003.

 Social Science Research Council (SSRC-New York) sponsored workshop on Migration for the Fellowship Awardees held in Colombo 17th and 18th December 2003.

Regional Centre For Strategic Studies, Colombo Winter Workshop on Sources of Conflict in South Asia: Terrorism, Governance, Gender, Security and Migration, Kathmandu 1-10 October 2004 (acted as faculty).

CRG’s  International Winter Workshop on Forced Migration sponsored by UNHCR, Brookings institutions, Washington DC and the Government of Finland, December 2003, 2004 and 2007 acted as faculty/resource person.

 Resource person/ presented a paper in the International Seminar on Restructuring of States in South Asia organized by the Nepal Centre For Contemporary Studies, held at Pokhara on 28th and 29th April 2007.  





50 plus, director of seminar 3 and resource person for at-least  100 plus UGC sponsored Refresher and Orientation courses organized by the UGC Academic Staff College, Gauhati University, Dibrugarh University, North Eastern Hill University, Arunachal University, MAKAIAS-Kolkata, Calcutta Research Group-Kolkata, Regional Centre for Strategic Studies, Colombo, Sri Lanka.




1.      Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Alumni Association, London

2.      Ethnic Studies Network, UK

3.      Indian Political Science Association,

4.      Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi.

5.      North East India Council for Social Science Research, Shillong

6.      Indian Sociological Society, New Delhi.

7.      North East India History Association.

8.      North East India Political Science Association.

9.      Indian Association for Asia and Pacific Studies, Kolkata.





1.      Member Executive Committee: Global India Foundation, Kolkata

2.      Member Executive Committee: Indian Association for Asia and Pacific


3.      Member Advisory Committee:  Indian Council of Social Science Research

Council (ICSSR-NERC)

4.      Member Advisory Committee: CRG Annual International Winter Workshop on Forced Migration.

5.      Member of International Advisory Committee for

       International Conference on
      AND THE MARGINALIZED: FEBRUARY 16- 19, 2008 at

 Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi.




1.      Engaged in a collective research project on Child’s Right To Elementary

Education and Food with Prof. Muchkund Dubey, Council for Social Development, New Delhi 2007.


            2.   Preparing a proposal on climate refugees in North East India.





Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer
Recipient of Alternate Nobel Prize

Chairman: Centre for Study of Society and Secularism and

Director: Institute of Islamic Studies,

Irene Cottage, 2nd Floor, Santa Cruz (East)

Mumbai 400055.

Tel: 091-22-26630086, 56987135 , Email: csss@vsnl.com

Professional relationship: Informal but we are involved in organizing seminar and

workshop etc. together.


Professor Mrinal Miri Ph.D (Cambridge) Ex Vice Chancellor: NEHU,
Member Knowledge Commission,

A 39 New Delhi South Extension, New Delhi. Tel: 91-11-24623890

Email: mrinalmiri@hotmail.com

Professional relationship: Senior Colleague at the IIAS, Shimla.


Prof. K.L.Sharma
( Ex Professor of Sociology at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and

Ex-Vice Chancellor, Rajasthan University, Jaipur)

Maison De Inde, 7-Bouverd Jourdan

F 75690   PARIS    CEDEX 14


           Email: klsharma@hotmail.com

           Professional relationship: Ph.D Supervisor


Professor Imtiaz Ahmad
(Ex Professor : Jawaharlal Nehru University- New Delhi)

B- 361 Vasant Kunj

New Delhi 110070.

Tel; 91-11-26891588, 26892006

Email: imtiazahmad@vsnl.com

Professional relationship: Teacher/ M.Phil Supervisor.